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Closing, Potluck

A month is almost over and our show, FEAST, ends on Saturday.

It’s time for a real feast! Please come to a POTLUCK LUNCH from 1-3 at Grover Thurston Gallery on Saturday, September 29th. Please bring food to share. You can see old friends and meet new ones.

Thanks for visiting the show and this blog over the month.

At the end of the potluck we will dismantle the bread wall and you can take home a piece if you would like. The bread will last for years if it stays in the open air.



Julie: What piece of art do you remember first noticing or caring about?
Joe: When I was a kid Northgate was brand new and they carved a totem pole there. I remember watching it go up  – the wood shavings on the ground. I liked all of the different faces and animals stacked on top of each other. It was hard to figure out exactly what it was. I’m still looking at totem poles. I look at them every opportunity that I get  – luckily in Seattle there are many of them to look at.

Here are some totem poles from Seattle and Canada.

Here is some of my work. I like stacking things on top of each other  – that’s for sure.


The show opened last night. We forgot to take pictures, but these figures from the bread wall show how we felt.

Thanks to everyone who came by and made it such a fun evening.

Setting Up the Show

Today we went down to the gallery and set up the show. Here are some pictures of the work going up.

I installed the bread wall. First I spread all of the bread pieces on the floor on tablecloths and then nailed them to the wall.

You can see more pictures of the Bread Wall by clicking here.

Here is a picture of Susan Grover hanging our wall of collaborative drawings. She and Joe put them up.

And here is Richard Thurston hanging a wall of paintings by Joe.

Please come by the Grover Thurston Gallery for the opening on Thursday night from 6-8. Anything that is crooked in these pictures will be straightened out by then!


This week we have been printing posters for the show. Here are a bunch of them drying in the dining room.

Joe has had posters for most of his shows. The posters advertise the show and they are part of a long graphic tradition of handmade artist’s posters. I have designed most of them – adding lettering to Joe’s art. Sometimes we have made them ourselves, other times we have had them printed. Here are a few of those posters. We’ve done about 15 in total. We have done several (including this year’s poster) with spray paint through a stencil. The photographs are a little crooked but you get the idea!

Jeff at Two Dimensions silkscreened several over the years.

Scott Smith designed and printed this letterpress poster.

and this one was printed by Cracked Compass Press using images from Joe’s sketchbooks.

Joe’s Studio

Our show opens in a few weeks and Joe and I have both been painting a lot in preparation. That really isn’t too different from any other time, especially for Joe. Joe paints every day, without fail, except when we are out of town. Painting is the center of his life and everything else fits in around that activity. But having a show still brings an extra intensity to the studio time. Joe has two studios – one in a small shed behind the house and the other in Magnuson Park at Lake Washington.Here are a few pictures from Joe’s studio at home.

Joe uses the wall as a palette. Every few years when it gets too thick he replaces it. Here is his painting wall at the Magnuson studio.

…and the window wall.

The shadow in Joe’s window did not inspire this painting by Franz Kline.

Invitation to the Feast

FEAST is a show of art by Joe Max Emminger and Julie Paschkis. It will be at the Grover Thurston Gallery in Seattle for the month of September. Please come by the gallery and see the show. If you are out of town or if you are just hungry for more please visit us at this blog. We will post pictures, poems, recipes, images and thoughts from the show every few days during the month of September.

This painting is a collaboration. Joe drew the ink bowls and Julie painted the fruit in them using gouache. We made a series of 18 of these drawings. Each one is 30″ H x 22″W. Together they form the main dish of the show.