This blog is a companion to the art exhibit FEAST by Joe Max Emminger and Julie Paschkis at the Grover Thurston Gallery in Seattle in September 2012.

We have been married since 1986 and we have both been making art all of that time. For much of that time we have showed in the same galleries. We have sometimes included collaborations in our individual shows, but we have never had a show together before.  This show includes some work by each of us and some work that we created together. We are calling it FEAST because much of the work in the show relates to that theme, especially the collaborative work.

During the show we will post to this blog every few days, including images of work from the show and anything else that seems related – poems, thoughts or recipes. At the end of the show we will end the blog.


Joe Max Emminger has been painting for all of his adult life and showing for most of it. He is in many private collections as well as the collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, The Museum of NW Art, UW, Microsoft, Nordstrom, the City of Seattle and the Washington State Arts Commission. He has had residencies at Centrum Foundation and at the James Washington House.

“My paintings are about what I see and what is in my head. When I go to the studio I find out what that is. I start a painting by putting marks on the paper  – then I see what it’s about. The paintings evolve as I paint them – in a way I stay out of the way and let them happen. I try to leave room for them to breathe and live in the world.”

You can see more of his work at Grover Thurston Gallery or Yard Dog Gallery.


Julie Paschkis is a painter and an award winning illustrator of many picture books for children. These books include folk tales, poetry and biography. She has been exhibiting her paintings for more than 20 years, experimenting with different media and techniques. You can see a love of pattern and folk art in all of her work. Recently she has been designing fabric as well. She loves making things: paintings, books, designs, patterns, bread and soup.

You can see more of her work at her website and at the blog Books Around the Table.


Grover Thurston Gallery is a fine art gallery located in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. Susan Grover and Richard Thurston started the gallery in 1991.

You can find out more about the gallery at their website.